Monday, February 3, 2014


There has been some debate and several studies to find out why women live longer than men. Well it didn't take but a couple of minutes on Google search to find out the real reason.  Here is a compilation of 21 reasons why Women live longer than Men.

1. We often think of ourselves having mythical powers.

2. We use our "friends" as obstacles.

3. We have a hard time keeping all four wheels on the ground.

4. And Hoofs - Did I mention that "friends" thing yet?

5. We like to show off our sweet balancing powers.

6. We often have big ball competitions.

7. We make things fly that weren't ever supposed.

8. And the things that are supposed to fly we eject out of them.

9. Not sure what we are proving here but the "point" is made.

10. We love to see how close to the edge we can get,

11. While standing on our head mind you.

12. Fire! Yes please why wouldn't I want to be set on fire?

13. Love our Motorcycles and sometimes let them ride us

14. We think that "life" is best lived when so close to death

15. That whole mythical powers... yeah spiderman anyone?

16. At least his "friends" weren't in the cars this time.. oh wait?

17. We get from point A to point B as dangerously as possible. (here's to carpooling)

18. Oh that precariously wedged rock.. Great place to balance on a chair that balanced on a stick. 

19. Drinking a beer in my backyard for the Fourth of July was too Cliche. Hey! Lets get some Balloons. 

20. Because simply riding a bike just won't do it for us

21. If you have a space suit, capsule and a huge balloon why not go to outer space and jump?

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