Saturday, June 29, 2013


My son was learning to button and unbutton things. We were standing in line at Blockbuster and I wasn't paying attention. He unbuttoned my shirt...omg I thought it felt a bit drafty.

I was wearing one of those wrap-around skirts and while standing on the footpath downtown, waiting for my sister to catch up to us, my 3 yr old precious darling, twirled himself around and spun my whole skirt wide open and flopped onto the footpath.

As if my exposed bottom half wasn't enough ,his cries of protests ,at falling made sure the busy street got a good eyeful


We took our three year old and his friends to McDonald s for his birthday one year.  We were sitting at the table when a large, well endowed woman walked by.

My son announced, at the top of his little lungs, "MAMA!  THAT  LADY HAS BIIIG BOOBS!".

What do you say?  What can you say?  I never realized just how far parents could melt down into a bench seat.


While waiting for our turn to go through the checkout,my 4 yr old was staring at this lady ,then in a loud clear voice as only a 4 yr old could have announced.

"Mummy why is that ladies eyes looking at each other"?

(She was cross-eyed).


When our kids were little, and had to go to the bathroom when we were at home, my husband would tease them, saying "You going to go make a turd?" 

Anyway, it backfired on him big time one day, when we were at the grocery.  Our then 4 year old son was sitting in the cart, with my husband pushing him, when he suddenly announced at the TOP of his lungs "I gotta go make a TURD!"...

And he kept saying it, all the way through the store, as my husband was frantically racing to the restrooms...


Aw come on, I cannot possibly be the only Mam on the planet whose child used the display toilet in a large DIY centre (B&Q). I left her big sister to explain to staff, I was too busy having hysterics from several aisles away.

Funniest thing ever, especially when you have another daughter almost old enough to pass for her mother


We were leaving a 'teddy bears picnic' event and there was quite a crowd ,so hubby picked up our almost 3 yr old up to carry him a short distance to the car park.

Son did not want to be picked up, no sir, he wanted to party on, and yelled out no, no, no  please don't hit me!!!....

The kid had never been spanked in his whole life. (until then)


Now it's your turn ad your comments to this of your most embarrassing times as a parent.


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